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I"ll go as far as saying that anyone spending the $3,000 on this software - packaged as it is with the necessary microphone and priceless setup consultation - will make the very best $3K investment anyone could at present make anywhere in audio.

Peachtree Audio's break-out iDecco was the very first fully integrated digital-direct iPod dock/integrated which offered so much for so little that a very rare kind of award distinction was required to single it out from the crowd. Now Spatial offers similarly fair value combined with what currently is a unique software-only speaker/room-correction system that stands out by finally addressing the root cause of audiophile unhappiness in the most user-friendly fashion - by expert remote calibration. The same award must be applied to send the proper message. We're bound to see a lot more of this in the future. With Spatial the future is simply now. Pipe in the applause!

Srajan Ebaen

srajan.htmlLunar Eclipse award

Spatial HD Customer

Hi Clayton,
There really is a significant difference between what I hear with Pure Music/iTunes and what I hear with Spatial/iTunes. For certain cuts I have been switching back and forth between my Macbook/PM/iTunes and the Mac Mini/Spatial/iTunes. And I can really hear the difference - especially on the Hector Sazou & Swara In the House of Mirrors album.

Here are some of the things that I am experiencing: 
Apart from the obvious effect of more clarity, everything is also more spacious. And within that space everything is more precise and defined... and more 3 dimensional. The placement of the instruments is more precise and stable and the spatial relationship between them is greater. Nothing gets bunched up together. The Gallos are really great at creating a wide deep sound stage and I thought they were really great in this regards before, but Spatial is really allowing them to show off what they are capable of when not hindered by room anomalies. They are now living up to their potential and it is more than I would have guessed at.
The bass is much more present and musical than before. Bass lines are defined and as the bass moves up and down the scale no frequencies become bloated or exaggerated -- it remains even. The bass also punches out more. I can feel the bass energy in my body much more that before. As a matter of fact, everything seems to punch out more creating a greater sense of presence. And timbres, too, are more real and natural. But I think that the first thing one notices (or I noticed immediately) is the increased spaciousness of the sound stage, the precise spatial and 3D relationships between the instruments and the punch/presence. 
PS. In the House of Mirrors (Hector Zazou & Swara) is one of the albums Srajan mentioned in his review of Spatial Computer. In the review he talks about how this album would sound boring on a lesser system and/or on a system that was performing under par. And that was exactly my experience before Spatial. Indeed, I found it so boring that I wondered what Srajan could possibly see in this album and I wasn't listening to it at all (in fact I never got beyond 2 or 3 tracks). But now, I get it and I am really enjoying the texture and the layering that Srajan refers to in the review. Going back to Pure Music and listening to it, the space constricts, everything once again gets flat and it lacks the crispness, texture, and layering... and it becomes... well.. boring!
Follow-up email:
I am sitting here in absolute awe of that which I am hearing. I cannot bring myself to go to bed. No matter what I listen to, the improvement is stunning. I have bought and downloaded into my iTunes library CDs of music that I love, but then found that the reproduction quality was not so good and so I would rarely listen to them. While I still can hear that these albums are not as good as other superbly recorded material, the improvement in them is such that they have become truly enjoyable.
Do you remember that when you made your first measurement the resulting graph showed that surprisingly my speaker/room action was not very far off? If I am remembering correctly you said that compared to many others you had tested, my system was surprisingly good. Well, given that fact, I was not expecting anywhere near this incredible amount of improvement. I was expecting some improvement, but not this!!

Peter Borelli (Italy)

Guest of Spatial HD Customer Steven Apter

Steve was kind enough to allow me to crash at his house in Pound Ridge.  So I had the opportunity to hear his new HiFi, now pretty much broken in. This is cutting edge digital technology, quite unlike my 1950’s approach to HiFi.  But I am overjoyed to report that it sounds FANTASTIC.
For the audio types among you, the soundstage is massive in width, large in height and appropriate in depth.  The tonal balance is remarkably neutral while not at all cold.  In fact the sound is remarkably warm for digital (I’m an analog fan) and it is not the slightest bit fatiguing.  There was plenty of detail but no harshness.  The timing of the musical delivery was excellent - something whose absence can only be appreciated when you first hear it done right.  Most importantly: the presentation is VERY convincing as being music.  And I mean VERY convincing, to the point where I was constantly doing double-takes.  I don’t believe I ever heard a better setup in any audio salon. If Steve invites any of you, GO, and take your favorite music. 

Spatial HD Customer

This is a brief note to let you know how happy I am with the support Charles provides.  He is technically competent, and handles customers beautifully.  He is patient, listens, responds to questions, provides specific answers [not vague generalities], he is courteous in the extreme, and he calls back when he says he will.

Technically, he knows his stuff.  And as important, if not more, is that he is a good debugger of problems, and he is very persistent at it.  We had a couple issues with remote desktop stuff, with configuration, a couple other things, and Charles solved every problem.  Just today he called me back with a fix to a graphics rendering problem my MacBook seems to have using Apple's sharing s/w.  Charles found freeware that is an order of magnitude better; the shared remote screen is now sharp, and the response time to inputs is much much faster. Now the remote is almost the same as using the native machine. 

Also, I would like to say that you guys really know how to make a sale: when I had doubts about Spatial in initial conversations with Walter [when he told me about the product, after I had asked about digital front ends], he had Charles call me.  No sale, no promise of a sale, just the possibility. Charles called me, answered a bunch of questions and the deal was done for me.
Primary reason: I am a mainframe hardware guy who knows enough about software to be dangerous. And I know how screwed up most software is.  There is NO WAY I would have bought a digital front end to my stereo without knowing I would have competent support.  Well, Charles closed that deal for me. I called Walter and bought the system. And i am beyond satisfied with Clayton's support and skill, as well as Charles,

So thanks gents, I am so happy to have "stumbled" into a nest of competence. How rare - Money well spent.

Clay Jerolmack (USA)

Spatial HD Customer
Hey Clayton,
Just wanted to let you know that I finally have my Emerald Physics tri-amp set up in place and have been enjoying music over the last few days.  As you may recall I have been snake bitten for quite some time with blown crossovers, freight damaged speakers, malfunctioning Behringer and even a Mac Mini malfunctioning and requiring 5 trips to the Apple store and finally Apple replacing it with a new one.  Anyway, I got everything hooked up with Charles Wood's assistance.  Wow!!!!  I am astounded at how good this thing sounds!! I A/B'd the EP set up versus my Zu Druid MKIV 08 set up for my wife and neighbors and they were shocked at how much better the EP's sound.  I takes all of about 3 seconds to hear the vast superiority of the EP set up.  And the best part is this is without any Spatial correction!  I know there is more magic to come when you fine tune the system.  Now I need to take a vacation so I can stay home to listen to music!
BTW - Charles has been more than professional.  He has been more like a friend helping another friend with a very important project.  During set up he was on the phone with me on a Friday night till 1AM his time!  I finally had to call it quits and go to bed.  He is patient, caring and is determined to make the Spatial experience perfect.  He is a real asset to your organization.
Thanks for your wonderful ideas and products.  I hope and believe you are going to be very successful!
All the best, Gary Getman (USA)