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A True Step Forward In Room Control.

Your room represents a closed resonant tube from an acoustics standpoint. The large peaks and adjacent dips shown below are created by interference patterns in the room, mainly related to the room’s physical dimensions. The large aberrations in frequency response at the Bass end of the range are the result of the acoustic energy reflecting off the rear wall of the room and interacting with the output of the speaker.

Mic at listening position 20Hz - 200Hz
Gallo 3.5 Reference

If we could remove the rear wall of the room, most of the problem would go away, restoring a response similar to the intrinsic response of the speaker itself. The Spatial Black Hole acoustically removes the rear wall.

The Black Hole is an active device that measures incoming acoustic energy at the back of the room and propagates an out-of-phase energy pattern to effectively neutralize the resonant behavior of the room and provide much flatter and more natural sounding Bass at the listener position. Low frequency resonant energy also decays slowly in the room, causing the poor Bass articulation and Bass build up in the room. By neutralizing resonant energy, the time domain is much cleaner, providing crisp, detailed Bass.

Reduces Bass decay times by 50%

-- Black Hole-subwoofer EDT test- OFF -- Black Hole-subwoofer EDT test- ON

All rooms exhibit this type of behavior, which vary depending on room dimensions. One Black Hole device can reduce Bass reverb times by 50% for a more effective solution than common tube traps; all in small, 16 in cube. Transformative improvements can be had in 2-channel audiophile applications as well as subwoofer-equipped home theater systems.

BH 1 Pic

Equipped with measurement and signal processing hardware.

A highly accurate 10 inch transducer delivers the neutralizing punch.

Place the Black Hole at the rear of the listening room.

Automatic operation - no calibration required.

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Price: US$ 1295
Type: Active acoustical pressure-absorbing device
Operating Range: 25Hz - 200Hz
Power Output: 250 Watts RMS
Transducer: 10 in (250mm) long-throw unit
Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 13 inches
Weight: 34lb (15.5kg)
Shipping: 41lb (18.5kg)