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The award winning software and services package that takes your system to a new level. Spatial HD running on a Mac computer replaces your CD player to provide a world-class music server with digital room correction for use with any speaker and room combination.

We remotely measure your speakers and room and build a sonically transparent correction file that resides in our software for real-time processing of the music file. The music file comes out of the computer already pre-conditioned with equalization adjustments to help make your speaker sound linear and natural in almost any room environment. This simple and effective approach eliminates the need for outboard room processors and delivers the ultimate in audio quality.

Our remotely controlled measurement and correction service takes the complexity and guesswork out of the process of optimizing the sound of your system.

You simply play music files in iTunes and Spatial HD does the rest with state of the art music playback quality and DSP processing. Up to 4 way active speakers are supported along with time alignment and much more. The system can be controlled with the Apple remote, iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad.

Spatial HD is compatible with most DACs, so you can use your existing DAC if desired. For more capability such as Bi-amping and use of outboard source components, we offer professional Firewire and USB DAC / Preamps that allow you to input sources such as CD transport, FM tuner, Satellite, and phono. These sources whether digital or analog are brought into Spatial HD and pass through the room correction DSP processing. We offer top DAC/preamps from Prism Sound, Apogee, Wyred for Sound and more. Click on the Order page for a list of DACs. Authorized Prism Dealer 2012 ------------------------------------Prism Orpheus Review from

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